Let's Talk About Anxiety

t has been a difficult last few months with COVID-19 cases spreading around the world. This has caused many of us to develop anxiety due to fear, financial difficulties, stress, and unease about the future. We wanted to take some time and provide a few quick tips on how you can combat anxiety and redirect it toward healthy practices. 

Anxiety can develop at any stage during life and can happen to anyone. Here are some quick tips on how CBD can help with your symptoms.

How CBD Helps Reduce Anxiety

Studies currently suggest that CBD suppresses anxiety symptoms by activating neurotransmitters and stimulating neural regeneration in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and commonly recognized to be responsible for our mood. Serotonin has fourteen different receptors and CBD binds to one of them, known as 5-HT1A, which plays the strongest role in anxiety. Anti-anxiety drugs bind to this same receptor to suppress symptoms, but CBD does this naturally.

People who suffer from chronic stress due to anxiety, depression, or shocking life events can potentially damage parts of their brain over time, causing neural damage. However, CBD is found to play a major role in neural growth stimulation in the brain in areas that are capable of regenerating. We are always making new connections and growing new neurons in the brain, and research shows that CBD helps boost this process. Taking CBD not only will help combat anxiety, but also can be used for prevention and healthy brain tissue regeneration. 

Healthy Practices to Reduce Anxiety

  • Check in with your breath. Is your breath shallow throughout the day? Having shallow or short breaths prevent proper oxygen flow to the brain and the rest of the body. It is also an indication that you may be stressed and should take a few minutes to take cleansing, deeper and fuller breaths to release this tension. 
  • Focus on yourself. Find a few minutes every day to do something for yourself that makes you feel happy and relaxed. A few examples include meditating, doing yoga, going on a walk outdoors, playing with your pets, setting goals for yourself, or taking a nap. This helps reset the tone of your day and helps you have better focus and positive energy. 
  • Start supplementing with CBD. Using CBD along with a healthy diet can improve your overall well-being. CBD helps us get back into homeostasis, also known as an internal state of balance. When we are in this state, you have lower levels of inflammation, stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. Give it a try and see how CBD can help you!

Check out Lanai Hemp's products and see what works best for you. You can also have a quick chat with our nutritionist for more guidance on choosing the right product and how it will work with your body. Contact us at support@lanaihemp.com or call us 833-GO-LANAI.

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