What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is known to be a hot cannabinoid. Today, you will see many companies that specialize in delta-8 and offer a variety of products to help fit your needs.

What is it? Delta-8 is found in the hemp plant and is derived from THC. Delta-8 is known to have psychoactive effects, more concentrated in the body rather than in the brain. For example, many people experience a “body high” but also feel focused and alert while taking the delta-8 infused products.

Delta-8 was accidentally discovered in the 1970’s while researching delta-9, the popular psychoactive cannabinoid also known as marijuana. Since then, delta-8 has been progressively researched overtime in animal models, and was only recently discovered that in 2018 this particular cannabinoid could help reduce pain and inflammation in mice. Shortly after the study was released, people started experimenting on themselves and found out the effects it had on humans.

Delta-8 has a variety of benefits like CBD, but overall people use it for sleep, relaxation, and pain relief.

Delta-8 comes in a variety of products, including smokables, edibles, and topicals.

Here, at Lanai Hemp, we manufacture delta-8 products, but cannot sell it online due to restrictions and the complicated legal status this cannabinoid has. Although federally legal because it is derived from the industrial hemp plant, many states are banning it due to uncertainty in the cannabinoid due to its psychoactive effects.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of our delta-8 products, please be sure to contact us so we can refer you to a store near you that is carrying our products!

We currently offer the following delta-8 products:

-Rechargeable disposables (strawberry cough, pineapple express, tangie tangerine, super lemon haze, OK kush, & blue dream).

-Cartridges (strawberry cough, pineapple express, tangie tangerine, super lemon haze, OK kush, & blue dream).

-Pre-rolls (bubba kush, elektra & gelato)

-Vegan fruit chews (10mg/chew and 20mg/chew options)

-Chocolate covered peanut butter nuggs (25mg/nugg)

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