What is the best CBD oil for 2020?

After the last couple years of explosive growth and awareness of CBD products, you may be wondering what improvements to look for when shopping for CBD in 2020.

There have been several key changes that make high-quality CBD much more effective now than it has ever been before.

Water Soluble

The main change over the last few years has been the improvement in CBD extraction technology. While many companies are still using cheaper extraction methods, if you are looking for the best look no further than water soluble CBD.

Our CBD is extracted from our hemp plants using a patented state of the art nano-emulsification process to create an incredibly bioavailable water soluble CBD. Why water soluble? Because our bodies are made up of mostly water and as we know oil and water don’t mix. Water soluble CBD is therefore the most effective method of getting CBD into your system, up to 10x more effective than traditionally extracted CBD in fact.

These nano-sized CBD particles are microscopically small enough that they can easily mix into your bloodstream. With traditional CBD products, you may only get around 10% of the total available cannabinoids and terpenes into your system, the rest passes through as waste. With our water soluble CBD, the vast increase in bioavailability means up to 100% gets into your system. This means you actually get the dosage you expect and are able to realize the benefits you deserve, while taking a lower amount of CBD overall. Our ultra-premium CBD extract is also paired with curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, to make it even more water soluble. Curcumin is an extremely healthy natural substance, with extensive studies highlighting its strong anti-inflammatory properties and there is evidence it may even help ward off cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Here at Lanai Hemp we ONLY use the highest-quality organic water soluble CBD, which is ten times more effective than traditional CBD products that are more commonly available.

Want some stats? With traditional CBD you only absorb around 10% of the CBD you are taking…which means you excrete 90%! This is why CBD has gotten a bad rap, if you try the wrong brand you won’t feel much of anything.

So the main thing to look for in CBD products in 2020 is water soluble CBD, so you can finally feel what you’ve been missing!

Third-Party Testing

Another big improvement for 2020 is the spotlight on third-party testing. Simply put, you should not take any CBD product that isn’t third-party tested. Otherwise you have no way of knowing what you are putting in your body.

Many companies don’t easily provide this, if at all. That’s pretty scary to us, we always post our latest third-party lab results right here on our website. So you can find it quickly and easily 24/7.

Be wary of any CBD company that doesn’t have third-party lab results readily available. This is a huge warning sign, make sure you are getting what you paid for!

Carrier Oils

When looking for the best CBD oil for 2020 you should also look at what carrier oils a company uses to get the CBD into your system. Not too long ago, you would see all kinds of strange carrier oils in CBD products.

We use a proprietary blend of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) and hemp seed oil as carriers for the full-spectrum organic CBD extract in our products. MCT has several benefits, mainly it provides instant energy and helps with weight management.

We also use a small amount of hemp seed oil to provide added terpenes and omega fatty acids.

The point is our carrier oils were specifically designed to benefit you and compliment our organic full-spectrum CBD extract. Beware of random carrier oils in CBD products (like olive oil!).

Every ingredient of our products is researched and formulated with care to benefit you, we don’t include anything that isn’t necessary. And it’s all 100% natural and organic too!


Gone are the days of terrible tasting CBD oil. In 2020 flavor improvements make CBD more palatable for everyone.

We use a proprietary blend of organic cold-pressed fruit oils for taste. Pineapple, mango, and citrus are all blended together in a special formula to make an amazing tasting CBD oil!

Don’t settle for sub-par taste in your CBD products, there is some real innovation in 2020 in taste and we think you will be pleasantly surprised.


As new extraction techniques led to water soluble CBD, strengths can be more potent in 2020. We offer 900mg, 1800mg, and 3600mg for all body types.

Many companies still only offer a couple choices in strength, but that is often due to limitations with older CBD extraction methods.

We use the latest technology so you get the widest range of options. Whatever strength your body requires, we have an option to cover it!


In 2020, there is a lot of innovation in the CBD space you should look for. We covered some of the biggest improvements you should keep in mind when shopping for the best CBD oil for 2020. If you are reading this though, you already found it!

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